Earrings & Studs

Golden earrings from aloé – a detail that catches the eye. Our timeless ear jewelry gives you an elegant look and will accompany you for a lifetime. Let yourself be inspired by our handmade treasures and accentuate your beauty in a particularly feminine way. If you value subtle extravagance and visible quality, you'll love our stylish and ethically made diamond earrings.
Utinum Studs - aloéUtinum Studs - aloé

Utinum Studs

Mirus Studs - aloéMirus Studs - aloé

Mirus Studs

Etruria StudsEtruria Studs

Etruria Studs

Basilia Creole - aloéBasilia Creole - aloé

Basilia Creole

diamond-creolen   diamond-creolen-white-gold

Venetiae Creole