Handmade is important to us. That's why every single piece of jewelry is carefully made by hand with love in Germany. And we believe in values like sustainability and fairness. 
That's why our production is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, or RJC for short.
The RJC is a non-profit certification organization with the goal of promoting responsible corporate policies in the gold and diamond industry along the global supply chain. This means: strengthening more transparent supply chains and human rights. All members of the RJC undertake to comply with the so-called "Chain-of-Custody". This code defines the standards in the areas of ethics, human rights and environmental responsibility, and serves as the basis for certification. The responsible and fully traceable sourcing of gold, silver and platinum metals is at the forefront. We at aloé stand behind it 100%. Joining the RJC is voluntary.
For the sake of the environment, we at aloé only use sustainable packaging made from organic and Fairtrade certified materials, FSC certified paper and cardboard or recycled materials.